Upcoming documentary on the Metabolic Theory of Cancer premiering January 2022

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An introduction to the metabolic theory of cancer for the layman relevant to those affected by cancer and the broader audience of science enthusiasts. This yet-untitled production will:

  1. Outline the history of the metabolic theory since Warburg, trace its eclipsing by the somatic mutation theory and it’s recent return to prominence.
  2. Explore the fascinating research that has provided evidence for the metabolic theory (Schaeffer and Shay’s nuclear transfer experiments, Seyfried’s keto mouse-model research, Longo’s fasted mouse model research, Care Oncology Clinic trials, etc.)
  3. Offer a balanced perspective on the value of somatic mutation theory and cancer treatments targeting oncogenes.
  4. Overview the metabolic therapies that are showing results when combined with conventional treatment (fasting, keto, off-label drugs, etc).

This is a rare cancer documentaries that will doesn’t focus on tragic patient stories. The evolution of the science provides the drama. The viewer will come away hopeful and optimistic that science is making true progress towards finding and treating the root cause of cancer.

The narrative structure will be an explanation of discoveries as told by the discoverers, illustrated with video and graphics where helpful:


The film is expected to run approximately 110 minutes.

Interviews will be shot in 6k resolution with multiple cameras and a panning track for the highest possible production value. B-roll will be primarily original with minimal stock footage.

Production Team

Jones Wellness, LLC, is owned and operated by Brad Jones. Brad has over 20 years of filmmaking experience and has edited everything from a Peabody Award winner to the highest-rated shows ever on MTV and CMT. He’s spent over a decade working at the Sundance Film Lab and Festival. He will be leveraging his expertise as director and editor for this production.

 Assistant editor Daniel Loyd is an award-winning producer, director and editor providing technical consulting for this film.

Sound editor Warren Hendiks has over 15 years experience working on the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and has been nominated for multiple Golden Reel awards.

Producer Maggie Jones has over 20 years of digital media project management experience, most recently as Vice President of Newsroom Systems for South China Morning Post and Vice President of Product for Tribune Publishing and the Los Angeles Times. Her work in journalism has honed her keen nose for a good story. She is a stage 4 cancer survivor who credits metabolic therapies, along with conventional targeted therapy, with miraculously prolonging her life, which she has now dedicated to raising awareness of the metabolic theory.

Original score will be provided by Clearside Music.

Graphics needs will be determined after the first cut but we currently favor capacity.tv for their work with the NFL, NBC, Activision and more.